York Minster

York Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral in the Northern Europe and is an architectural masterpiece. The story of this cathedral starts in 625. Back then it was just wooden building built in a hurry for baptism of Edwin the King of North Umbria. From that time on the building was rebuilt several times and each time some new elements were added. In the twelfth century the cathedral was rebuilt in Gothic style. Minster has many interesting features.

First, it has a cruciform plan with an octagonal chapter house attached to the north transept, two towers at the west front and central tower.

Second, the richest collection of the stained glass in the United Kingdom is here, at York Minster. Some of this stained glass dates back to the twelfth century. While observing the windows you will discover the evolution of painting techniques and glazing. For example, the Great East Window was created in the early fifteenth century. Nowadays it is the largest example of medieval stained glass in the world. Besides you will find here old organ and astronomical clock.